Research Services

Our research services provide forward-looking analysis on political and strategic developments shaping investment environments around the world. Our analysis is business-focused and moves beyond the immediate implications of often rapidly evolving developments to place their significance in a longer-term context.

The core of the service is in-depth research reports on issues and sectors relevant to our clients. One of the main features of our research services is our country scenarios, which deliver our fundamental assessment of the medium- to long-term political trajectory of key markets around the world, enabling our clients to anticipate slow-burning changes to the risk environment.

Why Tralphium Research Services?

  • Informs decision-making. Helps you to understand how trends in political risk could impact on your operations, assets and profitability
  • Customizable. Choose the format, delivery method, geographical coverage and sector focus of the analysis that you receive
  • Direct access to our experts. Includes consultancy time with our team of 50 country analysts who have extensive, on-the-ground experience of the countries they cover
  • Original and incisive. Provides insight into significant developments and trends, as well as below-the-radar and structural issues that can have a profound impact on the business environment