Market Entry Analysis

When a company is considering opportunities in new markets – whether through acquisition, merger or growth – it is essential to be familiar with all the threats and opportunities in the relevant country or project location. Prevention is cheaper than cure, especially in the context of identifying the problems a new project may face before they occur.Tralphium’s expert team of analysts and consultants regularly advises clients on the challenges and pitfalls that come with entering an unfamiliar market. Possessing an intimate knowledge of the political and business environment of the regions and countries they cover, our analysts are recognised experts in their field. They provide flexible and highly usable research and analysis solutions in a variety of formats, using their prior knowledge and experience, specialist open-source research and, where required, in-location fact-finding.The first phase of any such project involves Tralphium gaining a detailed understanding of the nature of, and schedule for, a client’s interest in a new market. Our analysts gather information on the context of the planned investments: political and contractual dynamics, industry-specific conditions, local community issues, the competitive context of the sector in which the investment takes place, previous companies’ experiences, security and operational conditions and so on. In addition to thorough threat analysis, our consultancy entails expert, tailored recommendations for entry, engagement and risk management strategies for the planned market entry. These recommendations can include a ‘roadmap’ for our suggested strategy, adapted to best fit the company’s project timetable.Multi-Country Benchmarking


Mult-Country Benchmarking

Companies operating or considering expansion across multiple countries or regions face particular challenges in managing political risks. They often need to prioritise limited resources of time, money and attention, across complex environments that can present themselves as difficult to compare. Whether it involves evaluating a new business opportunity in a small number of competing markets or comparing risk management strategies across tens of countries, we help our clients to make informed decisions.

Our flexible approach brings together the expertise of analysts and consultants working within and across all regions of the world to provide tailored solutions to consistently compare country risk environments. These range from high-level comparisons of headline political, operational, security and integrity risks, to highly customised research, analysis and reporting frameworks to compare and monitor all risks relevant to a client’s business on a global basis.