Risk Services

Our services help our clients to reduce the risks to which they, and their employees, are exposed.

Tralphium and its professionals have more than 25 years of experience in successfully advising clients about the risks they face and the solutions they can implement. This expertise is called upon by companies, governments and non-profit organisations all over the world. The depth and breadth of the services we offer is unmatched within the industry.  Our services range from providing strategic consultancy, through to expert analysis and in-depth investigations, to handling sensitive political issues.  Whatever the nature of the political, security or integrity risk facing our clients, Tralphium can tailor an effective solution that will meet their exact requirements. For a discussion about how our services and solutions can help you address the issues you face.

  • Managing Political Risks

    Understanding and managing the political risks prevalent in the countries in which your organization operates is a key component of continued success. Equally, exploiting business opportunities in challenging environments is easier when you are prepared for the risks involved.  They range from country specific experts, to experts in global issues. Our analysts follow trends in political and security risk, analyzing what these mean for our clients. Their analysis is informed through a variety of sources, their own in-country contacts, regular research trips, and desk-top research.To help you mitigate the risks your organization faces, Tralphium has a number of solutions which can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

    • Consulting and Analysis. Our team of analysts work with clients to address the particular areas of risk they face. Through our research capability, we provide tailored, client-specific reports that assess the political and security risks associated with a business venture and recommend ways of mitigating those risks.
    • PRIME. This research service provides insightful analysis of political developments in emerging markets. Combining online insight with direct access to our analysts, it is designed to help clients assess the political and business climate of new markets.
    • Country Risk Forecast. This is an online subscription product, which provides daily updates of the political and security risk developments in some 200 countries worldwide.
    • RiskMap. This is a critical assessment, published every autumn, of the political and security issues that will challenge global organisations in the forthcoming year.
  • Integrity Risks: Corruption and Fraud

    Integrity is a vital asset of any business. Once damaged, it is almost impossible to restore fully. As threats to a company’s integrity grow in number and complexity, Tralphium is exceptionally well equipped to help its clients identify, evaluate and mitigate against them.

    Our global network of consultants can advise on the best way to protect against different sources of integrity risk:


    • Corrupt practices imposed by public officials with which a company is obliged to deal
    • Corporate malfeasance on the part of commercial partners and competitors
    • Theft, dishonesty, or fraud perpetrated by employees

    The cost of damaged integrity

    Integrity damage can carry a direct financial cost: substantial fines, business failure and losses resulting from malpractice, for example. And the opportunity costs are very real. Substantial time can be wasted dealing with problems that could have been prevented by effective due diligence, pre-emptive training and customised controls. With tightening regulation, unpredictable economic events, volatile markets and unstable regimes, the need to address integrity risk is greater than ever.


    How Tralphium can help

    Tralphium can offer vital, subtle and sophisticated insight by gathering and analysing business-critical intelligence. And our familiarity with the problems facing businesses in developing markets can provide an invaluable head start.
    We enable clients to invest successfully, resolve complex post-transaction disputes, and preserve the integrity of their operations, brand, reputation and employees.
    Our expert investigators have decades of experience in every sector and on every continent. Their backgrounds include the legal profession, law enforcement, journalism, accountancy, business consultancy, investment banking and government services . They draw on our in-house political and security risk consultants, a vast network of contacts on the ground and our eDiscovery and computer forensic expertise. From strategic due diligence to tactical investigations, our range of services is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Business Ethics and Anti-corruption Services

    Many of the most attractive commercial opportunities today can be found in emerging or transition countries with poor standards of governance. How can you build successful commercial ventures in high-risk environments, while still playing by the rules?

    The passing of the UK Bribery Act in April brings the UK into line with the tough stance adopted by the US and other OECD countries towards corruption. In recent years, prosecutors have co-ordinated their efforts and have shown ever greater willingness to pursue major cases. The potential penalties for offences include prison sentences and punitive fines. Additionally, professional fees in investigating bribery can be substantial, and prosecution almost inevitably results in damage to the corporate brand.

    How can you ensure you don’t fall foul of this legislation when faced with the significant complexities of doing business in such challenging regions?

    What distinguishes Tralphium’s anti-corruption practice is the scope and depth of expertise within its global team: anti-corruption advisers, political risk specialists, seasoned investigators, crisis managers and consultants whose daily work takes them to some of the world’s most difficult countries. Our consultants speak the languages and know the territories. Whether the need is focussed due diligence, country specific knowledge, the reality of local practices or the investigation and management of a problem, Tralphium can handpick the right team of experts to give you the advice you need.

    How Tralphium can help

    • Risk assessment and due diligence investigations - We provide clients with the integrity information that they need before entering new markets or embarking on new business relationships.
    • Strategic audit and review - Prevention is better than cure. We help clients assess the effectiveness of their anti-corruption compliance systems
    • Fraud investigation and problem-solving - A well-designed ethics programme will help minimise integrity-related problems, but even the best-run companies need to be prepared for occasional setbacks
    • Training - We offer training workshops for both international companies, multilateral agencies and as a component of international conferences
    • Whistleblowing lines - Tralphium provides confidential whistleblowing lines for our clients’ employees to report financial or ethical misconduct worldwide.
    • Reports and ‘white papers’ - Tralphium is an opinion-leader in the anti-corruption field. These reports distil our assessments of the latest international developments and emerging best practice

    Most leading international companies now have formal codes of conduct: the challenge is to ensure that the principles in these codes are fully applied at all levels of the company throughout its operations.

    Tralphium consultants offer clients a strategic audit and review to assess the effectiveness of their integrity policies, identify weak spots, and recommend solutions. The audit includes an analysis of the company’s organisational structure; the effectiveness of checks, balances and controls; internal communication and reporting lines; and training programmes.

    Depending on what we find, we can offer advice on methods of helping the company to establish or reinforce its policies, and provide defences again both internal and external threats that might undermine its integrity.

  • Risk Assessment and Audit

    Anti-corruption legislation is becoming stricter and more extensive. Yet the corruption problem itself remains broad and complex. Tralphium understands where, when and how corruption is likely to occur, and how to prevent it. Our worldwide team of anti-corruption experts helps our clients to assess and manage corruption risk.

    We work across a full spectrum of anti-corruption initiatives, tailoring our advice and guidance to the distinctive characteristics of each client. In our experience, the best way to approach this difficult area is to instigate a comprehensive corruption risk assessment The more tailored to your needs this is, the better.  Equally, the earlier you conduct a risk assessment, the more prepared you will be should a corruption incident occur.
    We can help you assess and audit the following:
    • How, and to what extent, corruption could present a risk to your company in its dealings with different individuals: government officials, from presidents and cabinet ministers to international investors; foreign diplomats; and senior bureaucrats with lower public profiles
    • The risk and character of corruption in dealings with bureaucracies where corruption is rife: customs services, the tax authorities, law enforcement bodies and the judiciary
    • The risk that a company could encounter corruption when competing for contracts or using agents and intermediaries
    • The risk that a company could be exposed to corruption and integrity threats via its own members of staff. This would include risks of corruption and nepotism associated with local hiring, as well as the risk of employees being involved in fraud

    Incident Support

    In the event of a corruption incident, we provide crisis management consulting both at corporate level and in-country. Critically, we help bring order and a decision-making structure to what is usually a chaotic and emotionally charged situation. We help our clients by making an immediate evaluation of the circumstances and bringing the right team and expertise together to assist  them.


    Corruption Crisis Management

    However strong a corruption prevention program, the risk of being implicated in a corruption scandal requires a prepared response. We can help with the following:
    • Planning. We work with our clients to produce tailored contingency plans and training around corruption risk
    • Training. We provide crisis training to develop and test your crisis management team’s handling of a corruption incident. Based on our extensive experience of real crisis scenarios, our exercises develop knowledge and skills and test the reactions of your crisis management team
    • Maintenance. Crisis Resilience, a subscription-based support scheme unique to Tralphium, helps our clients maintain their crisis management plans and teams across the world from one central point