We have a different approach to traditional advocacy.  Today’s companies have an interest in traditional public policy lobbying, but advocacy doesn’t stop at our borders.  Instead, we focus on opening new markets and assisting companies in those places not served by domestic lobbying firms.  We advocate for companies with a desire to crack once difficult markets, places where the rules are different.

Our team of professionals has over 30 years of experience working with governments from Western Asian (Middle East) to South Asian.  We have possess relationships established over direct work in these regions and their countries.  So, if you desire to push into previously untapped and under served markets, Tralphium can assist you.

Our services are not merely confined to advocacy, but are designed to facilitate every part of your entry into these markets.  From cradle to success, we apply skills in conflict resolutions, risk mitigation, due diligence, threat assessment, and financial advisory to compliment your internal efforts and initiatives.


Developing relationships with executive and senior leadership is critical to gaining an understanding of government needs, strategic initiatives, and aligning your product and service offerings.  We have developed the necessary relationships and processes to assist in ensuring that your message is heard.


Decision makers and stakeholders exist at all levels of government, from the executive to the project manager.  At times, interests and motivations may conflict.  Therefore, we assist to ensure that “buy-in” occurs at each level of government.


Donor organizations, whether private or public, play a significant role in developing countries.  They not only provide financial resources, but can also be instrumental in mitigating market and project risks.  Tralphium understands the processes that donors follow and can assist in gaining their participation in your initiatives.