Financial Services

Financial institutions are facing a new and rapidly changing landscape as a result of the global financial crisis. Governments and regulators have taken an unprecedented role in developing strategies to improve oversight and regulation. In many cases, changes will be required to the structure and location of regulated businesses. There is also an increasing focus on governance, risk and accountability, executive compensation practices, tax, and capital requirements.

The downturn is also presenting many new opportunities, such as the acquisition of new businesses or reorganization of commercial arrangements such as outsourcings and servicing contracts. For large financial institutions, these transactions are likely to have an international aspect, so in-depth and consistent global advice will be required.

We represent banks, brokers, insurers, asset managers, investment funds, regulators, and other market participants, large and small, on the full range of legal services. This includes corporate, competition, employment, finance, IT, intellectual property, litigation, pensions, real estate and tax.

Our multi-jurisdictional teams work on corporate, finance, regulatory, commercial, and product issues, combining industry experience with an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory background to provide a perspective on financial services that few competitors can match.