The markets for consumer goods and services are ever more competitive, dynamic and global. Success in the sector means understanding the increasing importance of brands and market profile, the growing sophistication and power of the customer, the importance of a supply chain that combines efficiency and effectiveness with product safety, and the growing role and opportunity for tactical and strategic alliances and combinations between different consumer brands.

Tralphium consumer goods and services team brings together professionals from a range of legal disciplines with common interest and experience in the consumer products industry from food and beverages to cosmetics, from computer games and electrical products to consumer finance and marketing services.

Our practice includes professionals with experience advising companies in a range of individual countries and in major cross border projects on issues such as:

  • the development, protection, regulation, and marketing of consumer products, brands, and services
  • consumer facing contracts and product and promotional offers
  • supply chain, procurement, and logistics
  • product liability, product recall, and government enforcement
  • investing in, acquiring, and financing consumer businesses